Upcoming unique NFT cards sale announce!

We are glad to present you an announce of first unique hero cards sale!

Some features you should know about before you buy it:

  • the amount of minted cards is limited by 2000 pieces;
  • the time interval is limited: starts at 17:00 UTC June 7 — ends 17:00 UTC June 9;
  • cards are unique: they won’t be available to get or buy in the game, have increased attributes and one-of-a-kind design.
  • mining multiplier is 1,1 (110%)
  • no more cards in this collection will be ever minted. Now or never!

Specification of NFTs being sold:

  • Hero: Skeleton
  • Attack: 135
  • Health: 920
  • Recovery: 134
  • Ability: Unity
  • Max level: 40
  • Rarity: ordinary
  • Mining multiplier: 1,1 (110%)

Speaking of basic characteristics everything is clear, mining multiplier is new to you. It’s a multiplier applied to mined resources. That means, player who uses this card in his squad will get X resources multiplied on this rate (1,1 in this case. By the way, it’s the highest rate possible to get).

Why should I buy on this sale, but not later?

  • Highest collectible value through unique design;
  • Highest investment value through limited amount: no new cards are minted, so collectors will propose a higher price;
  • Sale price is way too low: you get a great discount to actual price.

We appreciate every of our pioneers and want them to be rewarded!

Can’t wait to buy it! How can I do this?

  1. You should have a WAX account. If you don’t have it, use this link: https://wallet.wax.io/dashboard
  2. Buy WAXP by using any of available variants
  3. Go to the page of our sale: https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/47819
  4. BUY IT

What for will we use money from this sale:

  • Marketing. More players and collectors — more fun. Also, we get extra money for fast game development. Approximately 40% of received money goes in advertisement;
  • Unity development. More money — faster development. 50% of money goes to improve our engineers state and hiring new talented developers;
  • Blockchain development. There are some issues, for example extended smart contracts edition, that we plan to do. It’ll improve usability for players and make it simple.

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