Step-by-step guide “How to buy Mining units for USDT”

Step 1: Registration / Login

Choose a convenient login method at All internal sales, buying and selling cards, entering and withdrawing heroes from the game, as well as managing the balance of tokens is carried out through this page.

After registration, we get to the main page — by default, the transfer of combat cards will open. We are interested in buying crystals for further obtaining packs of Mining Units. Click here:

Step 2. Registration on Inanomo.

Go to the page and click “Registration”.

Fill in the required fields, put a tick and complete the registration.

After registration, we go to the start page and click “Replenish”.

In the window that opens, select USD (S), USDT and get the address for replenishing the wallet. It can be made from any source that supports the respective blockchains.

Step 3: Link Inanomo to the Pagan Gods app.

Click on “+” or go to the profile tab. Click “link Inanomo”. Because at the last step, we have already entered Inanomo — the linkiing will happen automatically.

Step 4: Buying Crystals with USDT

We go down to the bottom of the page and click “Buy” in the appropriate field.

In the window that opens, enter the required amount (the maximum available amount is calculated based on the USDT balance on the Inanomo balance account) and click “Buy”.

Step 5: Buying packs

Go to the “Sales” page and select the pack, the price of which is displayed in crystals. Click “Buy”.

In the window that opens, we confirm the purchase.

Immediately after a successful purchase, the pack will open and you will see the received Production Unit! Congratulations on your first Miner!


if you buy from a mobile browser, you must switch to the “pc version”.

also can use link



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