Sale of the first Mining units!

What can you buy?

Mining Unit pack

Packs, each of which contains 1 (one) Mining Unit of random rarity and extracted resource. On the first unpacking, you can get, for example, a regular card of a unit that extracts wood, and on the second - a legendary iron-mine worker.
What resource the received worker will extract will also be decided by His Majesty Chance (there will be no division of packs by resources).

What is the probability of getting a legendary unit?

You can get any hero according to the following probabilities:

  • Ordinary card — 89%
  • Unusual — 8.5%
  • Rare — 2%
  • Epic — 0.4%
  • Legendary — 0.1%

Notice: the approximate ROI of each unit is more than 600%, based on the start price of resources.

Mining Units sketches

Is the number of packs limited?

Yes. A total of 200,000 Mining Unit Packs will be produced.

Where will the sale take place?

The sale will be open on the internal Marketplace and will be held in two versions at once:

  • 20,000 packs are sold for FUR (FUR 12,000 = 1 pack);
  • 180,000 packs are traded for USDT directly ($ 6 = 1pack).

The purchase of the pack via USDT will be done through the purchase of the Crystal (in-game currency for donations) and after that - the purchase of the pack.
Please note that the sale of the Crystal is not possible, only the purchase.

By the way, all the FUR received by the project from the sale will be solemnly burned!

Christmas is just around the corner, is there any discount?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Only until January 1, 2021, the prices for packs will be as follows:

  • For FUR - FUR 9,000 (-25%!)
  • For USDT - $ 5 (-17%!)

From January 1, 2022, prices will be returned to their original level(12,000 FUR and $ 6).

Can I resell the pack?

No, it opens automatically after purchase.

Is it possible to bring the Loot Unit to Atomic / WAX?

Not in the near future, but in the future this feature will be added if necessary. Use the game's Marketplace to sell units!

Sale date?

Will be announced in one of the next announcements. Stay in touch!

How to prepare for a sale?

  • Read about Economics 2.0 HERE
  • Buy FUR (packs for FUR are sold at the rate of $ 0.0005, which means that at the time of this writing, this is ~ 30% more profitable + New Year discounts!)




Unique dark slavic mythology NFT-based blockchain game. Twitter:

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Pagan Gods

Unique dark slavic mythology NFT-based blockchain game. Twitter:

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