PvE reform: raiting & reward

The updated PvE mode isn’t long away — let’s find out what awaits us!

What system will replace the location-based divisions?

After the mode update, all players will be in a single Pagan Gods warrior rating.
The logic is simple — the rating goes up when you win, goes down when you lose and directly affects the strength of the mobs in battle.

How is the rating and the mob’s strength calculated?

An mob’s strength is calculated as follows: Rating x Mob’s Strength (50 units).
Initial player rating: 60.
The strength of the first mob’s warband is 3,000.
After the first victory the strength of the next opponent is 3500.
(60->70. 70*50=3500).

One battle requires 5 units of energy.

Each victory will give +10 points (defeat -10) and increase the strength of the enemy by ~500 points.

When a player wins, the rating changes as follows:

When a player is defeated, the rating changes as follows:

R′ — rating value after the battle;
R — rating value when entering a battle;
N — number of points per battle;
n — number of cards in a team;
Mi​ — multiplier value of the i-th card in the team (0.5, 1.0 or 1.1).

The design and name of locations will remain a visual component and will no longer be correlated with the strength of mobs.

Please note: the rating will be fractional, but in the application it will be displayed as an integer. For example, in the application, several players in a row will have a rating of 100 units, but they will be ranked on the server taking into account the fractional part.

What will be the reward system?

To receive the reward, you will need to win at least 5 victories per day!
The reward is calculated based on the position in the rating table.
Accrual occurs on the day following the reporting day (played today — during the next day received a reward).

The pool of rewards will be divided into 2 types: 99% will be divided between players with a rating of 200 or more and 1% between those whose rating is below 200.

We understand that a situation may happen in which several hundred people reach the required number of victories on the first day, which means that the rewards will be distributed only among them.

To eliminate imbalanced reward sizes, we will be adding the reward pool gradually:

1 day — 25% of the pool;
Day 2–50%;
Day 3–75%;
Day 4–100%.

For those most interested, here is the formula for calculating the reward:

1. We calculate Ti — the relative weight in the award of a particular place i

a and b are adjustment variables (smoothing the distribution curve and controlling the slope of the graph). Initial settings:
а = 1
b = 10

2. Next, we calculate S — the player’s share of the PvE reward pool.

3. Calculate reward value in FUR. To do this, multiply by S the value of the reward pool in FUR. Done! You have found your reward for the past 24 hours!

How is the reward calculated?

The reward for the day is divided into 24 parts and is issued every hour!

How is experience (XP) earned?

Experience is awarded to cards that participated in the battle according to the following formula:

On victory:

Exp = S_mob/Y,


Exp — the amount of experience awarded to each hero for winning the current PvE;

S_mob — the strength of the mob in the current PvE (for which we calculate the reward-experience);

Y — coefficient, taken equal to 1100;

Exp is capped at 90 Exp.

When receiving a fractional value, Exp will be rounded down to an integer.

On defeat: 2XP is awarded to all cards.

What is the advantage of the new system?

A fairer distribution of rewards.
The higher the rating position, the more the player will get. MUCH MORE.

The lower the position, the less, but also the gap between a player and his “neighbours” will not be as big as at the top of the rating. In any case, the reward depends on both the skill of the player and the strength of the team directly.

What will help you rank higher in the rankings?

Equipment makes it a lot easier and faster to get on the rating. It’s better for those running teams with high level heroes: being able to level up at high levels is expensive, but the boost is not as big as it would be if you were running teams with high level heroes.

House of Voivode
One of the bonuses of HV is aimed at increasing the stats of heroes in PvE (up to +75%!) and will become an indispensable assistant in the fight for the raiting!

Stronger teams
The stronger the squad, the easier it is to move up the leaderboard and get more rewards.

Fair Play in Pagan Gods.

For Combat cards participating in PvE, a new concept of “Exhaustion” has been introduced.

After scoring at least 1 victory, all cards in the squad get a Exhaustion mark.
When transferring any of them (or all) to another account — the card will be active for all actions (sale, feed, feed to others, burning on the altar, upgrading), BUT when conducting the next PvE battle with a team where there is a “exhausted” card:

— Rating is not calculated;
— No experience gained;
— Battles do not count towards the reward.

This rule does not apply to the “native” account. If the cards are not transferred — you can play with a profit all day. Moreover — if you return the “exhausted” card to your native account — it is also possible to continue playing without any restrictions.

Exhausted is reset at 00:00 UTC every day, also the presence/end of exhausted will be displayed in the card attributes in the blockchain and on the marketplace.

What will the updated PvE mode look like?

The first time the bot you play against will be the same as before.

But soon we will add an updated version and you will see how he moves stones in a duel with you.

Warning: when launching a version of the application below 0.3.0, the same PvE difficulties (locations) will be displayed, but the reward in FUR will be distributed in an unusual way. This is due to the fact that the game itself has already moved to the new PvE interface and began to work according to the rating system.

In any case, your battles already count towards the rating regardless of the version of the app you are using.

All you need to do is update to version 0.3.0 to get things back on track!

More good news!

The 4-hour 10-minute delay (cooldown) in transferring cards from the game to AtomicHub is CANCELLED!

You can discuss the news with other Pagan Gods members in our Telegram chat https://t.me/pagangods_ru



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