Pagan Gods Announces IDO on DODO for September 17

All Users who are already whitelisted through the Community Whitelisting, Automatic Whitelisting, or Guaranteed Whitelisting will be able to enter the DODO IDO on the DODO exchange, this coming Friday.

The IDO will begin at 12:00 UTC on September 17th, 2021. To secure your $FUR, first, you will need to check you’ve been whitelisted.

You can find out how to check if you have been whitelisted, later on in this guide.

Please note that the $FUR IDO has been designed specifically to allow as many early adopters as possible to get a fair share of the $FUR token. Instead of letting whales get all the tokens and then sell them at a higher price, we have set a $400 personal cap for every whitelisted wallet.

You will be able to get a maximum of $FUR tokens, at the launch price of $0.0005 BUSD per $FUR token. You will need to be ready to stake up to $400 of BUSD into the IDO on Friday, September 17th.

If the IDO is oversubscribed you will receive less than 200 $FUR and will be refunded your BUSD. You will not pay more than $0.0005 for any $FUR if you manage to get in the IDO.

You will have 9 hours to stake your BUSD into the IDO. At the end of the 9 hours, you will receive your $FUR and any refund. You will then be able to trade $FUR on the open market.

How the $FUR IDO on DODO will work on September 17th, 2021

  1. There will be 1,000,000,000 $FUR available over two pools, each with 500,000,000 $FUR: BUSD/FUR.
  2. The initial price will be $0.0005 BUSD per $FUR.
  3. Each user has a personal cap of up to $400 per pool.
  4. The IDO will last 9 hours, there is no first come first served. Everyone who stakes their BUSD in the 9 hours will receive some $FUR at the $0.0005 price.
  5. After 9 hours, Users will receive their $FUR from the sale and a refund of their extra capital if the IDO is oversubscribed.
  6. Each User will receive a refund at the end of the sale according to the amount they staked. You will never pay more than $0.0005 per $FUR you receive.

The $FUR-BUSD liquidity pools will open after the IDO. So that you can get yourself more FUR immediately after the IDO period ends.

  1. The liquidity pools will have a starting price of $0.0005 BUSD per $FUR.
  2. After the IDO, prices will fluctuate depending on market demand as it will be open to the free market. At this point, users can swap using the new $FUR-BUSD liquidity pools on DODO.

Graduating from training is an achievement for every User taking part. Get your BUSD ready for the launchpad on 17th September 2021. Pagan Gods couldn’t be prouder.

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