Pagan Gods AMA (March, 30 2022) Part I

Welcome to Pagan Gods AMA session which was held on 30th of March. Here is the transcript in the format “question — answer”.

1. Resources & FUR

1.1 When will the price of resources grow?

We’re planning halving as you may know. The exact percentage of production reduce will be known later, cause in order to get maximum positive effect, we need to do it sharply and unexpectedly, and this effect should last long.

How can we boost the demand? When there’s interesting area of applying resources, it will cause demand. But we do not think that resource prices should do skyrocketing — their explosive growth will definitely cause shifts in other aspects of economy.

Moreover, the most effective way to support FUR and resources is to grow customer base, and in order to do so we’re developing high-quality game.

1.2 Will there be some kind of statistic for resources? How much was already produced, how much is already burned?

We have noticed that these numbers do not interest a lot of people, as we can observe from user’s visits on the web-page devoted to resources. To implement such statistics we need additional work from development team (front-end in particular, our server part has no lack of specialists). Currently we are employing new staff members, some of them work in other projects. This is not high priority task, but yeah, from time to time we can unload such statistic (just ping us in chat, though not so often :)

1.3 Will there be more mechanisms for resource and FUR burning?
For sure! We’re always testing new theories, concepts and ideas, search and maintain the balance. This is our priority goal — to support tokens of the game!

1.4 How do you think, what will be the FUR price in future?

Well, let’s assume the following: FUR gains thousands of percents during short period of time — but even in this case we need economy rebalancing. And if, after explosive growth, it falls down in similar fashion, we need to review the economy again.

We also thing that in order to attract new players, so-called “entrance price” shouldn’t be high (otherwise newcomers won’t be able to upgrade cards); and it should be stable. But yes, there’ll be some place for arbitrage trading and scalping as well.

In general — yes, we’d like to see smooth growth.

1.5 Listing of FUR on other platforms and exchanges? When?

Yes, we’ll definitely do that. But right now there’s no urgent need, it won’t be cost-effective.

1.6 Do you plan to implement more fair distribution of FUR rewards?

You know our position — we do really thing that current system of reward distribution is pretty fair, almost anyone gets what he/she deserves (in accordance with their investments). Maybe you won’t believe, but even now there’re a lot of players playing with Bogatyrs, and they earn much more than players with Sirins, and it may seem strange. For now we do not plan to change that.

Current reward system also encourages players who have “weak” teams, but demonstrate outstanding skills in aligning the stones — these players deserve good reward.

INSIDE: we also have intent to cause gradual deficit of FUR! But don’t worry, not all the rewards will be payed in FUR: there’ll be opportunity to receive different valuable assets/points of Glory.

1.7 What possible effect could cause the additional income of FUR for owners of Voivode Houses?

Who knows, maybe the deficit of FUR comes to life simultaneously with the implementation of Voivode Houses? We’re open to ideas, will be nice if you provide us with your calculations regarding the House’s income.

1.8 Will you reconsider the required cost to upgrade Voivode Houses?

Right now we have no such plan. When implemented, let’s see what economy requires.

1.9 Coming halving will affect only tools? Or Kuzutiks as well?

We will not give an answer right now, cause it can be considered as market manipulation.

2. Battle Cards

2.1 What about rebalancing the stats of combat cards? Will you increase the stats of Bears, for example?
This thought was narrated only once (in a narrow circle of players), but here’s spoiler for you: we’ll review the stats of ALL combat cards, but DO NOT think that it will be changed a lot — Bogatyr won’t turn into Upir, as well as Wolf won’t become Aspyd.

You should understand that outlook of the card it’s simply visual component — we (as a development team) care more about numbers and their effect on balance.

Each rarity has its own frame (boundary values of health and attack) — and if we fall outside of these limits; or if we equate all the cards within any particular rarity, it will widen the gap between Uncommon, Rare, Epic and all other rarities.

Yes, within any particular rarity all the cards are lined up — some stronger, some weaker. Don’t forget — you can always evolve your cards, and thus compete with higher-rarity teams.

Funny moment — Evo 2 Bogatyrs have higher stats than Evo 1 Legendary cards! Can you imagine that?!

That’s the point — we deliberately provide players with such opportunity, so anyone can race up with almost everyone.

And don’t forget about Altar as well — you can always burn your current cards in order to get rarity higher.

Just remember — the perfect balance is utopia. Only owners of Legendary teams have no possibility to rise higher, though all in a good time :)

2.2 When there’ll be new characters?

In less than no time, we have even drawn Evo 1 for these cards! These cards will be presented along with recently announced Event. There’ll be pack-sale: inside there’s 1 or several random cards (no final decision yet). These packs will contain only NEW cards, not already existing ones. Regarding races — as usuals, 4 known races. Unfortunately, these cards won’t posses new abilities. New cards will have additional bonus for stats while fighting in Event (hundreds of percents), while having standard stats in PvE battles. Moreover, some of these cards may be re-used in future Events!

We have peculiar thought for you: maybe, some day, even Mavka will have a role to play in fully-fledged Event, who knows… (NFA)

The sale will be conducted few days prior to Event so players can upgrade their new cards in advance.

The sale will be held on different platforms, and more importantly — in multiple currencies! Dollars, WAX, maybe even FUR.

One more thing — in future Events there may be situation when single pack contains several packs inside of it! Some kind of Matryoshka; we just need to refine this idea.

2.3 What is your plan for unique (x1.1) cards? Some bonus?

Actually, we could implement some bonus right now, but we don’t think that our current ideas will be as good as the previous bonus was (+11 points for victory, and -9 in case of defeat). It’s obvious that advantage of these cards shouldn’t affect the balance. There’s possibility that some day we can totally review concept of the game, and unique cards will require modification one more time.

We are open to your suggestions!

Alas, x1.1 cards won’t have any additional bonus in the coming Event — they’ll be 10% stronger than standard cards, as is customary.

2.4 Common and uncommon cards are totally useless right now!

It’s simple mathematic — view the market, make some calculations and you’ll notice that there’re a lot of profitable offers. Burn them in Altar, stash, or simply keep as an additional way to receive experience — who knows when the urgent of experience comes?

2.5 What’s the point of evolving Ravens or Peasants, for example?

You never know what comes in future. No one is able to predict, though maybe there’ll be Event confined completely to interaction of low-rarity cards and their evolutions. Moreover, some players aren’t able purchase rare cards, so they have to evolve their uncommon cards in order to become stronger.

2.6 What about experience? We don’t understand new formula

Experience reward for victory grows linearly depending on the player’s rating. At some moment, it reaches the upper limit of 90 XP points per victory (for one card), this limit cannot be exceeded.

2.7 Can you please give us some additional way of receiving experience? It current situation it’s not enough to upgrade our cards.

Right now we’re discussing the idea of implementing packs with experience inside — in form of weak cards (which have a lot of experience though) so they can be sacrificed, or maybe elixirs. Again, you can always suggest your ideas (in a way that it won’t shift the balance), and we’ll consider it. Some players even suggested to use old campaigns functionality with rewards credited only in form of experience — but we think it will trigger much more abuse from dishonest players.

2.8 What about rebalancing of the existing abilities?

We, as a development team, purchased teams and tried to play as players, without prejudice — and we haven’t noticed urgent need of reviewing the abilities, all of them are valuable in its own way. If you think that Witch Doctor is poor ability, simply try different strategy. Also, new elements of the game are coming — Events, PvP, other abilities — and you never know what will the ideal strategy, there’s always place for brilliant interactions between old abilities and new elements.
In short, when we’ll present new abilities they can be rebalanced, but we don’t see necessity for reviewing old ones. We also except constructive suggestions, not just “DELETE the Unity!”.

2.9 What about the process of creating Legendary warriors via Altar?

Yes, there’ll be such opportunity. Currently we considering the options, make some calculations so it won’t influence the in-game balance.

2.10 When will we see Mythical cards?

Not anytime soon. Actually, we think that market has lack of Legendary cards right now, and we simply cannot embed Mythical cards into coming Event.

3. PvE & Rating

3.1 Why new PvE bot is so strong?

Guys, honestly — we haven’t changed the settings of AI since the first day, though we admit that it requires some fixing, which we’re doing right now. We also admit that it’s not always balanced, but you should understand as well that there’s a lot of players with 100k teams which fight 300k bot — should we simply continue with increasing his stats? Make him 500k strength, present AI with 5 Koscheys EVO 2? Splash attacks for every turn?

Unfortunately, we thought that when new PvE system is presented, we can concentrate on other things. But no, we’ll refine the bot first.

And yes, we’ll review the situation when 1 enemy card has 80% of the whole team strength, and other 4 have only 20%.

3.2 Can you please review the abilities of bot in PvE?

Right now we’re discussing the suggestion of simply removing abilities of bots. But remember that while there’re abilities, players fight with a sense of thrill, gamble (cause they cannot predict what comes next). It motivates players to readjust their battle strategies, but we admit that not many of our clients interested in that.

3.3 When we’ll see the bot which aligns stones interactively, in real time?

When it’s finally balanced. No exact date.

3.4 New rating system is bad.

New PvE system is kinda ladder which you can climb. All players earn different amounts of tokens, and in order to earn more you need to upgrade you team. We admit that many of our clients do not like active playing (since the campaigns were disabled), they prefer more of passive income. We promise to think of ways how Pagan Gods can be real game for fun, but you should also understand that in order to earn you’ll need to apply some efforts.

3.5 I’m tired of losing my rating points even if I just wanna get 5 victories per day. Why do I have try hard, or intentionally lose several games in order to get weaker enemy?

We’re considering the idea of implementing so-called “toggle”: victories will be credited if toggle is turned off, but the rating points will stay the same (thus bot won’t get stronger). But if you lose, it will still go down. The logic is simple: if needed, you can just use this toggle and get your 5 daily victories in a more comfortable way.

End of the Part One.

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