House of Voivode: long-awaited lands in Pagan Gods!

Why is the card called “House of Voivode”?

What are the rewards of the Voivode House?

  • Expansion of resource Warehouse;
  • Increase the number of mining slots;
  • Upgrade of the Barracks to increase the characteristics of PvE, PvP and all events up to +75%;
  • Upgrade Smithy for increasing weapon and armor characteristics (more details in next announcement);
  • Improvement of the Defensive Structures (increases team’s defensive characteristics against raids);
  • Passive Income: 10% of all FUR players spend in the game will be distributed to the Home Owners as a toll!
  • New features as the project develops.

What are the perks of being a House?

  1. Rarity.
    Five standard levels: ordinary, unusual, rare, epic, legendary.
  2. Level.
    Level up — get more boosts and expansion opportunities.
  3. Boost.
    The value in % by which all of the Combat cards’ characteristics are increased.
  4. Condition.
    This is analogous to the Health (HP) value for Houses.
    The depletion of HP will be triggered by enemy raids, so reliable Combat units must stand in for the defense of the village.
    Recovery will be possible by means of resource repairs and FUR.

Voivode’s House characteristics chart:

How do I upgrade my Voivode House and what does it yield?

  • The maximum level of a House is level 25.
  • If you level up, you gain +1% Boost and +100 Tier.
  • The cost to upgrade is 23,000 FUR, 400,000 WOOD and 400,000 IRON.
  • To obtain a House of a higher Rarity, you must combine 3 Houses of the same Rarity (for resources and FUR).

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