First Pagan Gods packs drop

Dear friends! We are glad to present you information about the first drop of Pagan Gods packs!

This time, up to 4 special cards in one pack are waiting for you, with the most different levels of rarity: from ordinary to legendary!

All cards are traditionally equipped with the strongest ability “Unity”, as well as increased mining multiplier to 1.1. The design of the cards is unique and different from the standard ones introduced in the game.

What packs will be presented?

Craftsman pack ~$20

Craftsman pack

Total will be sold: 750/1500;

Cards in a pack: 3 pcs.

  • Ordinary — 56,67%
  • Unusual — 31,67%
  • Rare — 11,16%
  • Epic — 0,4%
  • Legendary — 0,11%

Boyar pack ~$65

Boyar pack

In total will be sold: 150/476;

Cards in a pack: 4 pcs.

  • Ordinary — 10,66%
  • Unusual — 57,77%
  • Rare — 26,79%
  • Epic — 3,57%
  • Legendary — 1,21%

Pack sales rules:

  • maximum 3 packs for 1 account;
  • maximum 1 pack per transaction;
  • cooldown between transactions — 1 min
  • Trading on the 50/50 system: 375 + 75 packs are sold according to the whitelist AND 375 + 75 packs are sold at open auction without a whitelist. The above parameters apply to both types of sale.

How to get into the whitelist:

  1. Subscribe to twitter (Twitter)
  2. Subscribe to telegram (Telegram)
  3. Retweet with a comment and tag 2 friends + #NFT #WAX #AtomicHub #Whitelist (TWEET)
  4. Fill out a google form (HERE IT IS)

Everyone has the opportunity to get into the whitelist if the above conditions are met until 00:00 on June 16, after which a lottery will be held and a list of 900* places will be formed. The results will be available on our twitter and telegram channel on the day of the drop (June 16)

*200 participants are randomly selected from the last whitelist “Sorry u r late” compiled (LINK). The remaining 700 places will be chosen through a lottery and assignments.

Buying on an open sale follows the standard rules — follow the LINK (soon) and buy!

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