The start of the “Blood of Kalgama” event with a prize pool of 50 000 USDT is just around the corner!

In this article we’ve gathered all the information regarding the upcoming Event Heroes Sale, which will help you in the boss battle!

When does the package sale start and at which platform?

The sale will take place on May 12, 2022 at 15:00 (UTC) at the AtomicHub, as well as on the Pagan Gods in-game marketplace.

  • A video guide on how to take part in the sale on Atomic Hub— HERE
  • Instructions on how to buy packs on the PG Marketplace — HERE

What currency will the packs be available for purchase?

Packs will be available for $WAXP and $USDT.

What will the packs contain?

The packs will contain 5 unique NFT hero event cards of varying rarity, which were not previously available in the game.

What are the benefits of the new heroes?

The answer is simple — a x7 (!) increase in all characteristics within the “Blood of Kalgama” event compared to the rest of the combat cards.

A regular event card will deal more damage to the boss than a legendary non-event card! This is designed specifically to ensure that both PG veterans and newcomers who have recently joined the project have an equal chance of winning prizes.

What types of packs will there be?

There will be 2 packs: “Catcher Pack” and “Master Pack”

The Catcher Pack consists of 5 cards + an additional Experience Pack*.

The Master Pack consists of 5 cards + 2 additional Experience Packs.

What are the odds of getting a hero of a particular rarity depending on the pack?

You can see this information in the table below:

How many packs and at what price will be available at the sale?

Catcher Pack: 6 000 packs at $15.

Master Pack: 3 500 for $35

We have deliberately made the amount of the sale quite large, so that all the players had enough packs and we could stock up during the event and try our luck at unlocking the packs if we wanted to staff our team better.

It is important to note that unsold packs will be burned after the event ends, which means that all cards received will be limited.

How many packs will be available at each marketplace?

Both the Atomic Hub and the internal marketplace will have 3,000 and 1,750 packs, respectively.
Please note that packs purchased for crystals (USDT) on the PG Marketplace are not subject to resale.

Will the event heroes be useful in other game events?

Yes, we plan that some (already less obvious) advantage of the new units will remain in future Events that will take place in the game.

*So, what’s a Experience Pack?

An Experience Pack is a card with a special hero that can be used to feed the main card and upgrade it by a certain amount of EXP, depending on its rarity.

What are these special cards called and look like?

Cards designed for “ feeding” are called Manilo.
They have zero attack, health, and recovery stats, and come in only 3 rarities — Ordinary, Unusual, and Rare. The more valuable the rarity, the more experience the Manilo contains.

As a reminder, the winner of the event will receive over 4 000 USDT!

And the other winners won’t be offended either!

The stated prize money of $50 000 is the minimum guaranteed prize pool, which will increase.

The more packs sold, the bigger the pool of prizes.

Get ready for the sale and keep an eye out for announcements in our newsgroups.

We’re giving away 10 Event packs to our subscribers very soon!

If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Telegram or Discord!



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