Economy 2.0

What have we done since the beginning of the journey?

  1. Sale of Unique Heroes and packs.
  2. More than 18,800 starter packs sold.
  3. More than 40,000 players attracted.
  4. Implemented Campaign functionality (passive FUR mining).
  5. IDO FUR was held.
  6. Match-3 PvE launched .
  7. Rendered 70 unique hero cards (including evolutions).
  8. FUR marketplace launched.
  9. FUR info page and automatic burning launched. At the time of the article’s release, more than 260,000,000 FUR have been burned.
  10. More than 203,000 cards issued (including burned ones).
  11. First Test Tale completed (Generous outlander).
  12. Regular app updates (20 updates since launch).
  13. Improved and reworked battle animations.
  14. Altar was rebalanced.

What awaits us in Q4 2021-2022?

  1. Transition to Economy 2.0.
  2. Sale of mining units.
  3. Smithy launch.
  4. Mining launch.
  5. Mining starter-packs.
  6. Launching raids.
  7. Sale of combat weapons
  8. Increased FUR deficit.
  9. Guilds and Guilds wars.
  10. Tales.
  11. PvP Events.

Economy 2.0

We regularly adjust the economy and balance of the game to achieve the best possible conditions for the players. Nevertheless, we concluded that it is necessary to expand the game to attract more players, to ensure stable development of the project and create better conditions for the FUR token growth. Introducing Economy 2.0!

Briefly about the changes:

  • Adding a new part of the economy: mining resources;
  • The division of heroes into Combat units and Mining units;
  • Separation of equipment into Combat and Mining;
  • Introducing Tradable Resources: Wood and Iron;
  • Shifting the balance of the economy to resources, adjusting the FUR distribution system;
  • Creation of classes of players: miners, combatants, artisans, etc.

Read more about each section and the reasons for adding it in the corresponding section of the article.

What caused the changes in the economy?

The reason is simple: the consumer demands it. The market turned out to be not ready to participate in the hybrid projects under construction (mobile game + crypto), the main reason is the orientation of the crypto community to the simplest game mechanics with predictable earnings, and not to skill gaming or gameplay filled with lore. Gamers, on the other hand, want more content, visuals, gameplay, and storytelling.

With regret, we are forced to admit that doing two things at the same time is a task requiring colossal resources. At the same time, we, as responsible managers, are obliged to respond to demand with an appropriate supply. For each of you, changes in the economy will bring new opportunities for earning — all you have to do is take advantage of them!

We are adding elements of passive earnings to the game right now. Fans of match-3 mechanics and campaigns with a well-developed lore will have a pleasant surprise next year!

New section: resource mining.

Balanced diversity in the economy always gives stability, improves social connections and helps make the game more interesting: we introduce two main resources: wood and iron. Their production is fixed and scales by increasing the number of player’s minig units and upgrading their level.

A sustainable economy requires a significant demand for resources. In the new system, resources will be used to:

  • Equipment creation (weapons, armor, clothing and tools);
  • Equipment repair;
  • Pumping mining units and individual levels of combat units;
  • Creation of protective structures;
  • Improvements to slots for storing mining units and accumulated resources;
  • Guild wars and fortress upgrades.

Thus, there is always a consumer for the extracted resources!

The deflationary mechanism of resources is represented by the following features:

  • Crafted weapons cannot be disassembled. In case of breakdown and destruction, resources are not returned;
  • Crafting weapons gives equipment of a given class and type, but random rarity;
  • Reduction of the amount of extracted resources by the halving procedure;
  • Burning part of the resources during raids;
  • Resources are of limited emission.

Mining units and their features

All units existing at the time of this writing will be classified as Combat units. Only they can be used in any type of battles: Events, Tales and PvE, but they are not suitable for mining resources. On the contrary, Mining units are not able to fight, but they regularly extract resources.

Mining units differ in rarity (ordinary, unusual, rare, epic, legendary), while each rarity has common attributes:

  • Level (1–30);
  • Mining for iron OR wood;
  • Tool slot;
  • Slot for clothes.

To level up, you need a FUR + rune of wisdom, which is created in the sage’s house from resources and FUR.

You can put on clothes or equip a mining unit with a tool in the inventory yourself, as well as combat units with weapons and armor, respectively.

Depending on the characteristics of the worn item, the characteristics of the loot of the equipped unit increase.

The “condition” of the equipment is estimated in the range from 0 to 100 units, where 100 is excellent condition, and 0 is unusable. Repairs are made in the Smithy, requires resources and FUR.


All minig units occupy a certain number of places in the “Hut” (Inventory will be divided into Hut for mining units and Barracks for combat units). For the extraction of iron, send the appropriate units to the Mine, and for the extraction of wood — to the Sawmill.

Each unit produces a fixed amount of resource per hour, resources automatically go to the corresponding Storage. Timely equipment repairs and the availability of free space in the Storage will help keep your loot at the proper level!

The withdrawal of resources for sale is taxed: the longer the resources have been in the Vaults, the lower the tax (up to 0%).

Crafting and using equipment:

By analogy with the division of units, equipment has also been classified:

Depending on the scope of use, the number / composition of resources required for crafting equipment also differs: for combat equipment you need FUR, a little wood and much more iron; for farm equipment — FUR, a lot of wood and a little less iron.

A mining unit can only be equipped with a mining outfit, and a combat unit can only be equipped with a combat one.

An important attribute of equipment is Condition. Estimated in the range from 0 to 100 units, decreases with active use, upon reaching the value “0” stops working. Repairs are made in the Smithy, resources and FUR are required.

Any equipment has 3 levels, the transition to a higher level is carried out according to a system similar to the evolution of heroes: 3 identical items of equipment of the 1st level with “state” = 100 are converted into 1 item of equipment of the 2nd level. The transition from the 2nd to the 3rd is carried out in the same way. To increase the level, resources and FUR are needed, the improvement is carried out in the Smithy.

The intersection of the economy sectors

Combat units, waiting for epic Tales and Events, get bored and need to keep them busy. How? That’s right — to organize internecine wars and raid the miners!

Internecine wars are guild battles for influence and resources. For the successful development of the guild and getting various kinds of boosts, you need to improve your fortress, which means a lot of resources. More details — in one of the following announcements.

Raiding miners is one of the ways to get resources for combat units. The battle will take place in a Match-3 mechanic, you can choose a miner for a raid.

To defend against raids, the miner uses the Defense Command from combat units; upon defeat, he loses a part of the resources accumulated in the Storage (Y). The attacker receives part of the resources of the Storage (X), while X is always less than Y, the difference between them burns out. The miner is issued a Shield that protects against raids for a certain time.

If the miner wins, the raid is considered unsuccessful, the resources remain in the Miner’s Storage. More details — in one of the following announcements.

Reorientation of the economy. Correction of FUR distribution.

Having studied various projects of the crypto market and the mobile games market, we concluded that it is possible to attract a larger number of players at this stage of the development of the project by significantly simplifying the gameplay. Because abandoning the mechanics of Match-3 is not considered, and the transition to passive mining of FUR with a fixed reward will negatively affect the token, it was decided to create a “passive sector of the economy”, responding to consumer demand.

The low cost of entry and simplified gameplay will create the necessary excitement, while adding value to the elite Combat units of current players fighting for the main game rewards: FUR, cards of mythical rarity and even possibly USDT.

Final word

We again became one step closer to the game that you all want to see, we take into account all ideas and feedback, we meet the consumer halfway: we will not only simplify, but also diversify the game. Further more!

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