Answers to questions about Pagan Gods

Will there be changes in FUR tokenomics, because in fact its emission is almost infinite (100 billion)?

We are aware that in the current situation, only a massive overhaul of the economy will save the game (this entails a complete rebalancing in terms of production). Undoubtedly, we want to see a steadily growing token, its active use — but do not forget that first of all we plan to develop an interesting game. This approach implies that ordinary gamers like to spend time in PG, there is a desire to donate — moreover, such monetization will go to maintain the FUR rate.

Why does new bot alignes player’s stones in the first place, and not the stones it (bot) needs?

This is an optimization algorithm that takes into account the maximum damage that can be done to the player. It is quite obvious that on a low difficulty the bot is not smart, and therefore moves the stones badly. However, if we look at a higher difficulty (coefficient of 2), there bot gathers good combinations (causing a lot of damage precisely due to the aligning of stones of the right color)

Is there any kind of loyalty planned for newcomers (due to the recent rating recalculation)? Right now, having bought a team for $1k, it is impossible to rank high in the score table quickly. It scares off new players, doesn’t it?

This phenomenon has always been observed, many “oldies” of PG went through such ladder. We are thinking about adding different ways to get a rating (namely a system that allows players with strong teams to “skip” a rating that they simply are not interested in). If we talk about PvP — this will definitely happen; the rating there will be calculated in analogy to the chess system: for example, if a player with rating of 1000 defeats a player with rating of 2000, then the latter falls down the table faster (loses a lot of points), as well as the winner grows faster (after all, this clearly reflects that his skills are better).

What about the revision of the characteristics of Epic and Legendary cards? As well as some races?

Our answer is still the same — yes, almost all combat cards should be affected by such changes. With the introduction of the new bot, we doubt that many players will be able to reach a coefficient of 2.5, because it already becomes quite difficult to play at 1.8–2 (this adds interest to the competitive element — it should not be that the player’s team defeats a bot whose cards are stronger in terms of characteristics in 4 times). However, the changes will still not lead to a situation in which all races will have the same characteristics (or among different rarities). We will also revise the attack bonus of one race against another (now it is 5%). This will become especially true in PvP, where, with significantly different characteristics, for example, a weak team of Animals will be able to cause big damage aimed at strong team of Humans (precisely due to a bonus of 20–25%). In addition, the new PG mode (which will be introduced at the same time as the Raids) will provide players with opportunity to form a team of more than 5 combat cards.

What kind of boost to expect for combat cards thanks to a premium subscription?

The damage boost will be only from the Voivode Houses, while the VIP-subscription will provide opportunity to expand the maximum available number of slots for Kuzutiks. However, a subscription will provide faster energy regeneration, discounts on card’s upgrades (will be introduced gradually). The standard subscription is valid for 1 month, then, if desired, you can update (buy a new one). It will also be possible to purchase a subscription immediately for six months or a year, in which case there will be a cheaper price. Some points may be revised, but all of the above has already been developed and is in the testing phase.

Will it be possible to purchase multiple PG premium subscriptions with a single account on the Inanomo exchange?

This is exactly how it will be implemented. You will need to go to the new NFT-marketplace in the staking section, send INOM there, after which the user receives NFT in the form of a subscription. Then this card is put into the game and burned, thus the subscription begins to function. It is impossible to withdraw an exchange token (INOM) from staking ahead of time. Or, if you do not have INOM, you can go directly into the game and purchase a subscription for FUR (while the spent FUR is completely burned from the user, you cannot return it back to your balance). For those who have a lot of INOM, it will be possible to “open” 10 stakings at once and get 10 NFTs in the form of subscriptions — keep 1 for yourself and sell the remaining 9 on the market to other players. Do not worry that the market will be “flooded” with a large number of unnecessary subscriptions, because they are disposable (burned immediately after activation). There will be 5 types of subscriptions with different rarities (boosts and prices, respectively), but at the first stages only one rarity will be available. We will try to make sure that subscriptions are profitable not only for top players, but also for the smallest accounts.

It will not be possible to purchase a subscription directly for USDT, however, it is possible to buy crystals — and it will become possible to buy FUR for crystals, which we plan to implement for the Events. Some customers want to donate into the game directly, and such players should be able to purchase FUR with crystals (and, in turn, it will be possible to purchase a subscription for a game token). Of course, a subscription for INOM will be more expensive than for FUR (after all, INOM is returned to the account after staking, unlike FUR). Subscription conditions (boosts, price, duration) will always be known in advance, nothing will change during the subscription’s functioning.

Aren’t you afraid of subscription abuse if one of the accounts buys it and starts upgrading cards at a discount for all other players (after all, this will negatively affect the market price of the cards)?

The first iteration of subscriptions will include only the expansion of Kuzutik’s slots and an increase in energy reserves (discounts for leveling combat cards will be introduced later). In addition, the main discounts will be provided specifically for upgrading the Voivode Houses, and there are few of them on the market, which makes the abuse unprofitable (because the House is installed on one account, and transferring to another will require additional costs). But in general, if we notice a negative impact of subscriptions on the cost of combat cards, we will certainly not introduce such a mechanic, replacing it with something else. It is possible that upgraded cards on an account with a discount will lose their benefits when transferred to another account where there is no such premium subscription. Or in general, instead of a boost, we will introduce an increase in several levels of combat cards for free, which will also be reset when the card is transferred (still under discussion)

We make a subscription in the form of NFT in order to make life easier for users — they do not have to deposit INOM into the game, stake it there and receive a bonus — instead, the entire INOM can be staked on a single account of new NFT-marketplace, and then distribute the received subscriptions for several accounts in the game (or trade them on the market). The final price of subscriptions has not yet been announced, it will appear a little later.

Will there be discounts on Altar, as it was before?

Of course (we plan to launch the Event specifically for the creation of new cards); however, obtaining Legendary combat cards will only be available during the Event itself (this will always be the case)

Will it be possible to deposit a part of INOM, which are in the vesting period on the exchange until September, as payment for a premium subscription?

We have not yet made a final decision, but we will try to find a solution that will suit both exchange token holders and PG players who are worried about the balance in the game.

As announced, we plan to transform the INOM vesting system, as a result of which tokens can be used in many directions of the Holding (Starter, Inanomo Mining, subscriptions), while the withdrawal and sale on the exchange trading platform will not be available (until the vesting conditions are met)

Which is better, upgrading cards or just accumulating FUR?

We plan to implement 2 new mechanics that will provide benefits for each of the directions (for example, there will be bonuses for burning high-level cards). Do not forget that IDO FUR was also held for early investors in exchange tokens (FUR was credited as a drop), although these clients do not actively participate in the game. We would like to enable such users to make a profit, including through the growth of the token, which is what we plan to do through innovation.

What will happen to the PG market ( when the new NFT-marketplace is released?

At the moment we do not plan to disable its functioning. Moreover, now the internal market of the game is being finalized, new filters are being prepared. The history of trade operations will also be added; but we do not rule out the scenario that over time, the internal PG market will be completely transferred to the main NFT-marketplace. At the same time, inside the game itself, users will see trade orders paired with FUR from the general (new) marketplace.

You can ask any questions and chat with the participants and the team of the PaganGods game in the Telegram chat and Discord



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