AMA, 06/09 — Part 3

Questions about mechanics:

Question 13: Will campaigns be available again?

We are considering the option of replacing campaigns with auto-combat with a bot (at the same time, such mechanics will still be PvE). Just press the button, and then pick up the reward in an hour — this will no longer happen, because our game is still “Match 3”. Yes, there will be campaigns to some extent, but definitely not in the form in which the players played before. We are against the fact that in the game tokens are credited just like that, literally in 1–2 clicks.

It would be possible to make a separate game containing only PG campaigns, and for this game there would be its own, separate reward pool (however, we do not know how the balance will behave in this case). Moreover, FUR will not be involved in that game, because we need it here, when creating a well-developed game.

Question 14: will the display of history be introduced on the market (at least in the browser)?

Yes, the new NFT marketplace will include trading history. The difficulty is to transfer such trading history into the game itself, but we are sure that a solution will be found.

At the same time, we can add the history of trading even now — while the history of absolutely all transactions with the card is already more difficult to display. In this light, there are 2 ways to solve the problem:

a) either modify the history of trading on an existing PG market (and, accordingly, expend effort on development);

b) the closure of the PG market, and a complete transition to the new Inanomo NFT marketplace, where it will be possible to trade cards not only for FUR. At the same time, the game application will be synchronized with the new marketplace, and it will display applications (however, nothing will change externally in the game itself, the same cards will be sold for FUR as before).

Question 15: Will there be a change to the Altar?

It is not entirely clear what exactly should be answered in this question, as no details are provided (please clarify the details in the chat after the AMA). We will try to answer the way we see this situation: as you may have noticed, in version 0.3.6 of the application we added the function of burning several cards at once, and it works very well. You finally have the ability to burn hundreds (and even thousands) of cards with just one click. However, these are not the latest innovations: many may have noticed that golden essence (obtained by burning epic cards) has been added to the game. It is not difficult to guess what it will be used for, but more on that later (probably after the bonuses to cards 1.1 are issued)

Question 16: will there be any payback mechanics for players that do not involve the constant sale of FUR into the order book?

In order for a player to pay off in terms of cryptocurrency, he must receive something during the game, which he will then sell to another player. What kind of object could it be? It should be in sufficient quantity, and at the same time there will be even more demand for it (which will support the price from falling as a result of sales). It turns out a vicious circle: if there is an increasing demand for such a resource / item (exceeding the amount that players receive as a reward for the Event / competition), then most of the players will probably not want to sell such a resource and keep it for themselves. And if you leave it for yourself, then complaints will begin in the style of “I did not sell the received resource, which means I did not receive a return on my investment (although I could do it)”.

In general, how to organize Events in such a way that there is no strong sale and depreciation of FUR is our utopia. Believe me, every day we talk about the ideas of payback, provided that the token rate does not fall. And the conclusion, as you might guess, there can be only one — to create a pyramid.

Question 17: are there any plans to introduce new mechanics to maintain the cost of cards?

Yes, we have an idea to introduce burning cards in order to get some essences, for example, tickets to the lottery (Wheel of Fortune). There was a completely crazy idea to burn every day a random card for each player, but something tells us that we would be strongly scolded for this (:

Question 18: will the game provide bonuses for those players who have been with you almost from the very start of Pagan Gods?

Imagine the situation: as soon as we introduce something like this, a flurry of indignation immediately forms in the chats about “Well, everything is for top players again!” (after all, with a high degree of probability, all those who joined our game from the very beginning are already in the top). It should be recognized that in the 11 months of the existence of the game, it was already possible to return your investment more than once, as well as earn good money. At the same time, top players are not some kind of privileged caste, in many moments it is harder for them than for players not from the top 100.

In addition, those players who have been with us for a long time have already understood that sometimes reasoned reporting of their own thoughts in the chat can give much more bonuses in the game than any privileges. Such players are able to predict the behavior of the market, buy cards and FUR during panic sales, and then, after a while, sell them for a good profit. Of course, if we are reasonably explained why certain players deserve bonuses, we will listen, and we will definitely reward the most active ones.

Question 19: Several times I encountered a situation where the stone comes off the finger right during the move, and thus the player’s move fails.

The stone can fall off the player’s finger in two cases: either the time allotted for moving the stone ends (5 seconds), or there are some problems with the sensor / screen of the player’s phone. We’ve had a few users who report issues with the game itself, but when playing on another phone it works fine.

A very rare reason may be that the timer on the client device may differ in fractions of a second from the timer on the application server (this happens due to micro-breaks in the connection). Accordingly, when it seems to the player that there are 5 seconds left until the end of the turn, in fact, only 3 seconds remain. At the moment, it is not entirely clear how to solve this problem, but we once again advise all players to check the quality of the connection of their mobile operator. So far, this behavior is observed only in a narrow number of users.

In addition, as soon as the slightest gap occurs (due to a faulty sensor, or something else), the stone instantly falls. Such minor breaks are not displayed in any way on the screen (the user is not shown the notification “Attempting to reconnect”), the player remains in the game. We will take note of this problem, and if it is really on our side (because of the server), we will try to find the best solution as soon as possible. From what we have checked so far, in the vast majority of cases, the gap occurs precisely because of problems with the user’s device. We tested 2 phones on the same network and the problem recurred, but as soon as we switched to 3G, the problem remained in the first device, and went away in the second. In summary, it is better to double-check the quality of your connection.

Question 20: We don’t like that Legendary players get the most rewards. We understand that they deserve it, but it would be nice to give lower rarities the opportunity to catch up.

If our community finds a solution on how we can implement this (so that it suits everyone) — we will gladly take it into service. However, we are definitely not considering a “Let’s give the players a billion FUR and the developers will buy it off the market” style solution.

Questions about Houses of Voivode:

Question 21: is it possible that the calculations for the Houses of Voivode will be revised? Everything looks as if those people who have problems with mathematics will download them.

As mentioned earlier, you can change the numbers and balance at any time, the main thing is that there is a need for this. There is no such thing that we introduce new mechanics and strictly declare “These figures will remain forever and will never change again (no matter how the economy requires it”). We are constantly looking for a balance that would suit absolutely all players, and at the same time would be economically beneficial.

They can be reworked, including according to the characteristics of combat cards, Kuzutiks, and in general everything that at least somehow affects the well-being of the game (if there is an urgent need for that). After the introduction of all the bonuses promised by the Houses, naturally we will not allow a situation in which even the players from the top 100 do not get enough resources just to repair it. We will try to make sure that loot boosts appear within a couple of weeks, and premium subscriptions within a month. We are ready to temporarily reduce the price of raising the levels / repairs, but only on the condition that if the price increase is necessary in the future, users will not have resentment. On the other hand, the logic here can be traced in the fact that “whoever manages to pump earlier is the winner.”

Question 22: what is the point in leveling the Houses of Voivode? None other than the Legendary ones make sense.

Such an opinion could have formed because comparing the benefits of leveling a House of one or another rarity (namely, the size and boost limit), it becomes obvious that raising the level of ordinary and unusual Houses is useless. However, if we step back and look at the numbers of gray and green Houses without comparing them to higher rarity, it’s clear that the boost to your combat cards will be palpable. The only obstacle is that by acquiring and increasing the level of Houses of low rarity, sooner or later the player runs into a “ceiling” that does not allow him to make his team even stronger.

There is an option in which we will make some kind of compensation: during evolution, part of the resources and FUR spent on raising the levels of an already pumped House will be returned to the player. Obviously, we will not return all 100% of the funds spent, a more likely scenario in which the user receives 60–70% back, and thus directs these funds to pumping the House of the highest rarity. Thanks to this, his combat team does not lose strength due to a sharp reduction in boost. Most likely, we will not even give these funds into the hands of users — they will be automatically sent to the pumping of the new House, and nowhere else.

It is important to remind you that we are waiting for the opinion and vision of the picture from active users so that these innovations fit comfortably into the already existing game economy.

Question 23: Given the current prices for upgrading the house, I come to the conclusion that it is more profitable for me to dismantle my Epic house into 3 Rare ones. Will there be such an opportunity in the future?

Yes, it is theoretically possible, but most likely in exactly the same way as it was when merging into evolution (on a third-party service). Such an opportunity will require additional development, which we prefer to direct to primary tasks. However, with a large request from the players, we will implement the analysis of Houses for a lower rarity in the application itself.

You can ask any questions and chat with the participants and the team of the PaganGods game in the Telegram chat and Discord



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