AMA, 06/09 — Part 2

Gameplay and general questions

Question 1: Will the new cards have bonuses in future Events?

If we are talking about those cards that were introduced into the game recently — yes, they will. Which characters, as well as what bonuses — we will tell you closer to the next Event.

In addition, we received a few questions about 1.1 cards (whether they will retain their level when exchanging for new cards), and what can be expected from these cards in the Event: for example, if we exchange unique 1.1 cards for standard 1.0, then the new the card may have a higher rarity (for example, from rare 1.1 to epic 1.0); some bonus in FUR, INOM or something else is also possible. In this case (when bonuses are awarded), the level will not be saved, however, this decision is not final, and we can find a solution in which the upgraded cards will retain their characteristics. Let’s not think ahead, we will be able to present the final figures only after they are calculated with an eye on the economy.

Question 2: when will the bots remove instant and annoying attacks? Why do we need such gameplay when the player has time to make only one move?!

As soon as we introduce a new AI bot along with version 0.4.0 of the game (now we have 0.3.6, after it there will be a new enemy immediately). The new bot is almost ready, the only thing really missing there is the balance of the bot’s strength depending on the rating, which we are currently working on.

Question 3: Why do bots use skills (Unity and Curse) on turn 3? It turns into a game of luck rather than skill as the bots fight randomly.

We could set the bot to use abilities on the 4th turn, but then how to determine whose turn will be the first — the player or the bot? This is if we are talking about skill, and honesty. Of course, you can flip a coin, but our players will definitely say that everything is “twisted” (:

You can have players always use abilities first, but where is the skill? In other words, now the game is playing in the way that we thought it was the optimal scenario for the development of the game. Purely theoretically, if there is a big request from the community, we are ready to change the order, because the game is created just for you. However, at the moment we have not seen too many complaints about this in the chats, and even if such questions are asked — in the chats we explained our position, and most of the players agreed with it. In addition, it should be remembered that the bot does not have all the abilities that are available to players.

Question 4: what will happen if orders are broken to support FUR on the exchange? ($0.00025–0.0002)

This means that the rate will go down, there is no other answer to this question. This is the law of the market — as soon as an asset is sold, its price falls. And on the other hand, if they buy it, the price goes up. We are trying to make a quality game, and over time this will bring us additional liquidity, which we are ready to provide in the order book (including on DEX platforms).

Question 5: you need to show the abilities and attack power of the bot (and not just HP), since the picture does not reflect the real power of the card. For example, the outwardly legendary card will not always be the strongest of the bots.

On the one hand, it would be a logical decision. On the other hand, such a “mystery” adds unpredictability and adventurism to the game, because until the 3rd move it is not clear what to expect. Perhaps we will give the ability to put a mark on those abilities of the bots that have already been used (so that the player does not have to remember), and for the rest of the game he sees all the cards open.

We hope that such a simplification will not entail a flurry of requests to introduce autoboy, and then completely return to hiking — because, as they say, hiking was the most enjoyable thing in our game: the number of game accounts in those days was growing rapidly. However, it should be remembered that many of these accounts were used for the purpose of abuse, and were generally managed by automatic means (instead of the hands of a real player). And this, in turn, leads to the decline of the economy of the game.

Question 6: Could you set the reward for PvE the same way as for Events: in 4 shifts, but with intervals of 6 hours? This means playing in time pools, when the rating will no longer be taken into account. So players will log into the game more, and possibly burn more FUR to buy energy.

We don’t see an opportunity where this would significantly improve the gameplay experience. It looks more like a utopia (for players to both play a lot and burn FUR even more). If there is a need to buy energy — FUR will be spent and burned anyway, “changes” have practically no effect on this, other mechanics are needed here.

In addition, even if we implement this, the daily reward pool will not increase, players will receive the same amount of FUR as before (and no matter how many timeslots we divide the game day into). This also does not affect the maps, and the economy globally will not feel better from this. We do not think that in such a situation, players will buy more energy. However, we are ready to discuss arguments and calculations with you in chats.

There is a good anecdote on this topic: “How many pieces should I cut the cake into? Hmm, I’ll cut it into 4, because I can’t eat 8”

Marketing questions:

Question 7: From time to time, a debatable opinion pops up among the players: “As soon as players from China come to PG en masse, then we will live”

Unfortunately, it is not. We have tried to attract players from China, but the local market has its own difficulties. Most of the difficulties arise with advertising: they have their own atmosphere, and no matter how much they admire the mechanics of the match-3 game, the Chinese market has its own marketing rules, sometimes defying the simple logic of traditional markets. We do not discard this direction, but for this the game will need to transform.

Question 8: is it planned to introduce third-party advertising into the project?

No, we do not see the point in this, due to the fact that our additional profit from such third-party advertising will be very small, and a lot of resources (including human resources) are required. You should also not forget that this can negatively affect the players — such annoying ads can infuriate like an annoying fly. And we are definitely not going to introduce premium subscriptions just so that the user has the opportunity to play Pagan Gods without ads. Moreover, Russian influencers (including us) have had monetization disabled, as well as paid content on popular app platforms.

Question 9: There has never been any information about expansion into the Chinese market by developers. In this regard, the question is: do you have specific plans in this direction, and if so, are there any difficulties due to the specifics of the country (restrictions on PC and mobile games, periodic bans on mining and cryptocurrencies)?

The main obstacle facing us at the moment is that we should enter the Chinese market with a ready-made game. No one is going to play the Alpha version there, professional gamers (of which there are a lot in China) need a ready-made platform to demonstrate their skills. At this stage, PG has too many competitors to force us out of the Chinese market. In addition, we do not yet have the world-wide fame that local gamers should usually be attracted to.

It’s not a secret for anyone what happens to the market with full-scale advertising of one or another asset in the crypto industry. Advertising for players at this stage is not relevant for the reason that we do not yet have a training mode, new users do not understand how and why to play, and why they are required to buy cards for the game, instead of just enjoying the process. The scenario is now almost always the same: “Can’t you make money in this game without big investments? Then, perhaps, I’ll start well.”

We do not have unlimited distribution of cards, and there is no possibility for a new player to buy only 1 pack of cards, and then immediately enter the top 100 (albeit due to skill). Although many are trying to get Legendary cards from packs, and then sell them on the market for x10.

Question 10: PG is a great game, but we feel that the Blood of Kalgama event failed to attract new players. How do you plan to attract them? After all, expansion in other countries is very important, especially for capturing the attention of important personalities.

The answer is very simple — you need to make a well-developed game, then there will be attention to it. Or, we could just make another P2E pyramid, of which there are more than enough on the market. And not even from Pagan Gods (after all, our game is already 11 months old, and by the standards of the cryptocurrency community this is a very old game that will die soon), but to create a new pyramid, provoke hype and shilling, attract bloggers for advertising.

However, our strategy is different: we want to attract real players here, and they will come exactly at the moment when the game is worked out to the end, when all the planned mechanics are released.

At the same time, we share the opinion of the players that the “Blood of Kalgama” event could have been held at a higher quality level, we will work on it.
We analyzed our own mistakes, as well as the situation in which we were not even able to collect the minimum amount of funds to pay out the prize pool (at the same time, we fulfill our obligations and paid each player crystals (USDT) from our own pocket). Despite the fact that we were at a loss, thanks to the Blood of Kalgama Event, we are one step closer to understanding what it takes to create a quality game. We believe in Pagan Gods, and we are confident that it will bring us a lot of profit in the future.

Question 11: could you give specific figures — how many new players came to PG during the Event?

Our data shows that there was definitely an influx of new players, while there was no tangible difference in the number of players. Someone came into the game, and at the same time another person left it. This is most likely just a coincidence, because we can’t imagine why people would leave the game at a time when it has a contest with a guaranteed prize pool of $50k. We hope these players just took a break and will come back to us.

As for the beginners, many of them bought cards for themselves, and not only new ones, but also from the old ones (Bogatyrs, Wolves, etc.)

At the same time, many came to us from our new project, Oasis Metaverse, and our task right now is to provide such players with a comfortable start in the game, with training. Regarding advertising: 40% of the traffic went to the CIS countries, and the remaining 60% to other territories (in this case, it is better to check the growth of local chats, such as Spanish, Portuguese, etc.)

The main problem was that there was advertising, but at the same time it looked unconvincing: the game is almost a year old, crypto players do not risk entering here, and the income is low. Many also look at the volume of trading on AtomicHub, see very low numbers there, make hasty conclusions (without understanding that we have an internal market for the game, and we are also preparing to launch our own NFT marketplace). Fun fact: if the trading volume on AtomicHub were large, there would definitely be commentators who would say “This is a scam, the volumes are artificial!”. I would like to say special thanks to those players who helped newcomers to understand the game; who defended our honor and dignity in those chat rooms where they tirelessly poured mud on us. We are immensely grateful to all those who help to destroy the fakes about our game, without you we would not have achieved even half of what marketing has brought us.

Let’s also not forget about all those who bought packs with new heroes for the Event: we really hope that you managed to upgrade the card data and get the solid reward you deserve. To put it bluntly, your purchases were sponsorship for the rewards in the Event, because it was from this money that the prize pool of $50k was formed (even though we had to pay part of the rewards from our own pocket).

Question 12: Will the introduction of PvP and guilds require a significant increase in the active player base compared to the current figures? Is there a specific strategy for this?

Yes, we have a specific tactic, and we plan to stick to it. Even with the already existing customer base (there are more than 5000 active players in the game now, they play every day, not to mention the players who log into the game once every few days), we have enough resources to make the PvP experience and guilds as comfortable as possible. And even if such a quantity seems insufficient to us, it means that we will promptly resolve this issue. Moreover, when the new PvP is launched, new content will be prepared, aimed at attracting a new audience even more. We will gradually move from theory to practice: when introducing PvP, we will evaluate the results, and make an informed decision on what other processes can be improved. This will give us fuel to develop further content, and gradually the game will acquire the desired functionality.

There is another approach — we can buy mass advertising, catch up with new players with loud slogans like “Now we will start super PvP, then a competition with a huge prize fund”, etc., but the same phrase will still come in response — “The game is already 11 months old, and it will soon die completely.” Thus, it is pointless to order advertising and claim something that is not really there, it will not attract new players. Right now, our main task is to improve the game for existing players, for all those who read this text. And it is important to remember that we are developing this game together with you, because often your ideas are realized in development.

Advertising is constantly going on, and right now new people are coming into the game. Perhaps this number of newcomers is not as large as our regular customers would like to see it, but the problem is different: the target audience of cryptocurrencies will not invest in a game that already has a lot of players. We are also aware that not all of the promised mechanics have yet been implemented, so we cannot say that the game is ready for mass advertising. As stated at the very beginning — for those who want to see the finished product, it is better to come at the moment when we officially announce the launch of a full-fledged game. Until then, development is underway, in which the chat helps us with its recommendations. Just do not build false illusions that a newbie, getting into the Pagan Gods chat and seeing that there is still a lot missing in the game, will think “Oh, this is a super game! I’ll probably invest 50% of my capital in it!”

We are not going to advertise our game with empty slogans, and are open to constructive criticism in chats. Such is human psychology: if everything is fine in the game, then the chat will be quiet, only occasionally someone will turn to other players with requests for recommendations on a combat strategy. But as soon as an unforeseen circumstance, a bug, an error in the game occurs, angry crowds of dissatisfied players immediately enter the chat, with the sole purpose of throwing out their negativity (and this is normal, everyone can remain anonymous on the Internet).

At the same time, players with the ability to analyze are aware that the analysis is based not only on chatting, it is necessary to look at the real results that our game has been demonstrating for the past year, and based on this, make an informed decision on the appropriateness of investments.

You can ask any questions and chat with the participants and the team of the PaganGods game in the Telegram chat and Discord



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