AMA, 06/09 — Part 4

Questions on various topics:

Question 24: Are there any smart options for staking the INOM exchange token for PG, or is it a distant plan for the future?

Yes, as already discussed: VIP subscriptions (received for staking INOM) will give discounts on all spending in the game, auto-battle mode with a bot, as well as a few more preferences for their owners. Perhaps for VIP owners there will be the possibility of accelerated energy regeneration, an increase in the maximum amount of energy available (more than 25/25), expansion of Warehouses for storing resources.

Question 25: When do you plan to add tutorials for new players to the game?

In one of the next updates (most likely, immediately after the introduction of the new bot, that is, after the application version 0.4.0).

Question 26: can you lift the veil of secrecy and give minimal information on nearby game plans? This means listings on stock exchanges, NFT platforms.

At this stage, we do not see listings on other exchanges, it is unlikely that this will attract customers to us. Liquidity for a token (and FUR is no exception) is provided not by listing on popular platforms, but by players who come and play a quality game. For most truly growing P2E projects, PancakeSwap alone is enough. Our advantage over them is that we provide players with a centralized exchange with the ability to buy FUR, as well as deposit/withdraw the token into the game directly and without commissions. There is no difference even if you have USDT on another platform - you can send them to Inanomo via any of the available networks, and purchase the desired amount of FUR.

Question 27: what if you allow players to make voluntary advertising (for which they will receive energy), and direct the income received from advertising to the prize pool of Events and contests?

If you do not take into account Events and contests, then simply allowing users to receive energy and other resources for advertising will lead to a lot of abuse. Food is the thing that allows the player to earn more tokens; and if there is no need to buy it (increasing demand for FUR), it will hit the economy hard, provoking an even greater decrease in FUR liquidity. Of course, you can spend the money received from advertising to pay off the token from the market, but it looks strange.

The income from such advertising will be so negligible that the players competing in the Event will receive almost nothing in the form of rewards. Again, a situation arises in which advertising will infuriate everyone with its importunity (even if it is voluntary), and at the same time the prize pool will be practically empty, and there is no point in participating in the contest.

Question 28: how soon do you plan to move from the test version of the game to a full release?

Until we introduce all the promised mechanics into the game (which, in turn, will balance and support the economy), the game will be in constant development. Most of all, now we want to implement a social element: the interaction of players with each other, PvP, guilds and raids. All of these plans will be outlined in the Q2 2022 RoadMap, which we will release shortly. And if the game feels good after the launch of all the components, we will start a truly full-scale advertising campaign. Even more decorations will be added in terms of the visual component, as well as all those gestalts that are not of great urgency right now will be closed. The combination of these factors will allow us to declare that we are no longer in the Alpha version, and will open the way for expansion to Asian markets.

Question 29: Are you planning to hold a big event/competition for Pagan Gods birthday?

It should be understood what exactly is meant by “big”: a big Event in terms of duration, or in terms of the prize pool? Perhaps, too long competition is inconvenient for the players, but organizing a very “tasty” prize fund is quite a likely scenario. The main thing is that there should be content that will interest the players and make them want to compete for prizes. At the moment there are no concrete ideas, and it should be remembered that the “huge” prize pool may look different: for someone, the ideal situation will be in which 50 finalists will share 50% of the allocated awards among themselves, and the remaining 950 participants will receive the rest. At the same time, we, as developers, count on a certain amount and consider it acceptable; and for the players it will be completely different money. Someone would wish that the top 1000 had the same awards for everyone, and the main task will be to get into this number of lucky ones. Therefore, this issue should also be considered, we are waiting for your wishes in the chat.

Question 30: do you plan to hold Events/competitions more often, because initially they were supposed to be held every week or two, but now they are held once every few months?

Again, the problem with contests is that players should be interested in participating in them, they should be motivated to compete for prizes. We plan to introduce some mechanics in the form of PvE and PvP, in which the skill and agility of the player will play the main success factor; and the strength of the cards and their abilities will play a secondary role (albeit a significant one). As already mentioned, it is possible to have exactly the same teams for everyone, and such events can become regular. However, if we organize the same contests week after week, sooner or later the players will get bored, and the desire to play disappears (only if too high a reward does not force them to play too hard). At the same time, being engaged right now in the development of the main mechanics in the game, we cannot devote too much human resources to finalizing secondary mechanics (which are Events). There is a simple choice here: either we forget about the main functionality and make entertainment, or we still bring the game to mind, and only then do everything that is not enough for the maximum comfort of the players. At the moment, we are still striving to fulfill the RoadMap that was announced a few months ago, and there the goals have the highest priority in development.

Question 31: Do you plan to add the ability to convert Legendary cards into other Legendary cards (or essence)? As with changing abilities, only with changing the race of the card. Right now, players have Legendary cards in their hands, which are just lying around and illiquid, because they do not fit into the team by race, plus there are also not enough similar cards to evolve.

This is one of the most common questions we get from top players. Of course, we have such a plan, and we are aware that in order to motivate players in further leveling of Legendary cards (and evolution), it is necessary to be able to somehow receive these Legendary cards. We do not rule out the option described above, and we do not believe that this will greatly affect the balance (after all, when exchanging 1 Legendary card for a Legendary card of another race, there are no more cards on the market). This opens up the possibility for evolution, which, in turn, entails another wish from top players - “Reconsider the characteristics of legendary cards, the cost of increasing their level does not correspond to the increase in strength that is expected from them.” We have to admit that there is some truth in this, and we will probably revise the balance in terms of the characteristics of combat cards (but after the introduction of the functionality of Houses and the reforging of the tool). This does not require large development resources, rather, you just need to sit down and correctly calculate everything in terms of balance.

Do not forget that when receiving a Legendary card of the desired race, a top player will immediately start pumping it, and this is a huge investment of FUR (and resources for combat equipment), which has a positive effect on the price of these assets. Even a scenario is possible in which one of the players prefers to turn his team of Koshcheev into Aspid, and he should have such an opportunity.

Question 32: I would like to see the emphasis on the skill of the user's game, and not on the random attacks of the bot. At the moment, having reached the ceiling of your rating, there is not much point in pumping cards higher, because this will not bring a tangible reward. A vivid example of this is the “Karachun” event, when a huge number of users could not cover their losses even taking into account the fact that they won good prizes. I would like to see an emphasis on rewards for achievements during the game itself, and not for moving up the standings. Or, say, award some special prize to players who pass the 5-7-9 thousand rating mark (for example, Legendary weapons).

We acknowledge our mistake during the Karachun Event. It turned out to be ultra-competition for the first places, there really were no chances to pay off for those who got close to the top 10, but did not reach the first places. All this happened because of the enormous competition, we did not expect that our players would compete so strongly. Taking into account the mistakes, we try to calculate the rewards and costs for future contests in such a way that as many prize places as possible remain profitable (or, at least, do not go into the red). But we are not immune from the unpredictable excitement of the players themselves - if everyone starts fighting for the top places at the same time, we will not be able to limit the players in buying energy, or in investing money in the evolution of Houses and battle cards.
There was an idea to make progressive prizes: for example, the first place receives an award one and a half times more than the funds that he spent on acquiring energy (in addition to the award he receives for a prize-winning place). At the same time, such compensation is not taken “out of thin air”, which means that the lagging behind players, when buying energy, will give their funds to the general pool of rewards, from which they are unlikely to receive compensation (after all, they do not occupy high prizes). And then in descending order - the second place 100% return on funds spent on energy; third place - 75%, and so on. In this situation, top players definitely do not lose money, but this does not solve the problem for those players who did not manage to take a high prize place (after all, they will not receive compensation).

Regarding rewards for reaching a certain rating and issuing a unique reward - yes, this is possible, but in a slightly different implementation. But you should not strive for some unique rewards when you still have undeveloped items in your hands - for example, the Houses of Voivode. We can say that right now we have given such functionality that should attract players for a couple of months by the need to raise levels. Yes, it is extremely expensive to upgrade the House of Voivode in 1 day, but it is not intended for this - raise the levels gradually, then this activity will not look so expensive. If all Houses immediately gave the maximum boost, the game would again have no content left (places in which you can develop), and players would quickly get bored. There must always be some kind of motivation and opportunity to level up in order to grow higher both in the rewards for the contests and in the strength of your team. And as you have already noticed, as soon as we give something that cannot be upgraded in 1 day, the players start to panic because of the prices they see, because they are waiting for an instant result (preferably without investment). The strangest saying we hear after the introduction of Houses is that they will never pay off. Naturally, if you have been accumulating resources for 2 months before and now you have spent such a large amount on raising the level - everything looks like it will never pay off. But do not forget that these are far from the only bonuses from the Houses of the Voivode, you just need to have a little patience. This includes stocking up on some FUR/resources - if you expect future game mechanics that will give huge bonuses to be cheap - they're not. The main thing to remember is that such a large demand for assets favorably affects their price, and this is exactly what the average player expects most from the market. Maybe the Houses of Voivode should have an unlimited number of levels in general, so that it would be possible to invest the extracted resources in pumping their House, and, as a result, strengthening the combat team (plus other promised bonuses). In this case, there will always be motivation to go higher, but there is a nuance here - in this case, you will spend more and more funds, but at the same time, the FUR prize pool remains the same. Expanding it (the pool of rewards), allocating more tokens for rewards requires balancing the entire economy, and here we again return to a situation in which we are faced with the task of creating a self-regulating economy. Here you need to calculate all the costs in the game over its history, evaluate the dynamics of the FUR rate and resources. Right now we are working in this direction, and as soon as we understand that we have found a compromise, new numbers will immediately be presented to the players. This will happen exactly at the moment when we are sure that not too many extra FUR tokens / resources enter the market that can bring down the rate. It is always important to maintain an overall balance, in which selling should not dominate the purchases of an asset. And even if we introduce something worth upgrading a team for (some legendary reward) - many players again may not like that reaching such a bar looks too “expensive”.

To sum it up, yes, we are planning games where only the skill of the player will play a major role, and as usual, this will require going through a lot of mechanics before the perfect one is found.

Question 33: Will there be additional motivation to collect big combinations on the playing field? Right now, it's enough to make a few combos, and sometimes this is enough to destroy the bot. I would like that with each record for the number of combinations of stones, a certain reward was also awarded.

We will try to come up with something that will make people who are really determined to hone their skills on the field with stones feel as comfortable as possible. So far we don’t have a clear idea of ​​what exactly this decision will consist of, however, looking at the current rating of top players (and the strength of their opponents), it seems that with the introduction of a new AI bot, the situation may change (because it will move stones on the field right in front of the player).

Question 34: Is it planned to review the characteristics of combat cards before the introduction of PvP, or will all battles end before the use of abilities (or, at most, during their use)? After all, even collecting combinations of 5 stones, the damage is so great that it will destroy any of the existing teams.

This question touches on one of the most pressing questions in our game right now - is Pagan Gods really a match 3 game? We have doubts that such a simple mechanic will be enough to cover all the functionality that we plan to introduce into the game. For example, mass competitions between Guilds - it is unlikely that all participants in such a large-scale battle will fit on one field. One way or another, we should wait for the release of PvP, and act on the basis of the situation, analyze user feedback, their feelings. Perhaps there will be some damage reduction for absolutely everything (as a percentage), or vice versa, a boost to the amount of HP of all existing cards. This will avoid a situation in which the fight lasts less than a minute (before the activation of abilities).

Question 35: Will clear rules be added to the game (like a license agreement) about what you can and cannot do? Similar rules are needed in Events, so that the player has a clear picture of what kind of behavior he can be banned/restricted in actions for. In the same way, you can warn people who use third-party scripts / unscrupulous programs in the game.

Obviously, something like this should be in our game. The moment a full release happens and we no longer need to deal with mechanics/balance every day — yes, we can devote time to this issue (as well as any other on which there will be a request from our community).

As for the already past Events, there certainly were places for abuse of the current situation, and we promise to fix them for future contests. We hope that each time we get better and better.

After all, that is why the game is still in the Alpha version — we need to test the mechanics, find solutions that will suit the vast majority of players. it is impossible to create a product that would satisfy absolutely everyone and everyone from the very first day. If someone claims the opposite (promising mountains of gold after pressing the very first button in the game) — well, we are sure that our users can distinguish scam from bona fide P2E games just as well as we do. }

Developing every day, we fix old bugs, and believe me — we deliberately do not add any new bugs, this can happen by accident, due to some unforeseen factor. Developers are human beings too, and we’re happy that our players are able to highlight things that need to be improved. We can say that all playing users are testers to some extent, for which we are grateful to them. And 5,000 testers are much more efficient than two or three, even if they work on a permanent basis.

Question 36: Would you like to organize a group of enterprising players who will help you improve the game? They will be able to share their figures and ideas, convey a reasoned position (after all, such players already have sufficient experience). The fact is that if you just write ideas in the chat now, they are most often lost and do not pay attention to them.

We regularly try to do this, and we get a lot of suggestions from players who care about the future of Pagan Gods. Unfortunately, most of the proposals are based on the fact that the benefits received are aimed at a narrow circle of players (even if this is done unconsciously). Most often, some kind of personal gain is pursued, and this is normal; It is unlikely that a situation is possible in which absolutely everyone is satisfied with everything. In addition, even after we explain in detail why this or that idea cannot be implemented, we are still offended. Naturally, those ideas that have passed moderation will certainly be implemented in the game, and this has happened more than once (for example, the energy slider for the old PvE, as well as the “Surrender” button, which we definitely did not plan to add to the game). Do not forget that the best chat in which ideas can be discussed is the official chat of the game: even if we do not answer questions, this does not mean that we do not read them (sometimes there is simply not enough time even to write an answer, but our moderators analyze everything and, if necessary, convey feedback from the players to the developers). Try to attach more numbers and specifics to your ideas, give arguments — if this idea is not able to convince even ordinary players (who are in the chat) — most likely, it is unlikely to take root in the game. Thus, the community is the very filter that helps to separate good offers from bad ones.

Question 37: Do you plan to rework Kuzutiks in any way? Indeed, even in the current realities, they are practically of no use.

Given the recent changes in resource extraction tools, we assume that Kuzutiks will soon become a liquid commodity again. Even now, the level 30 Legendary Kuzutik extracts resources exactly as much as the Epic Tool does (and only 2 times less than the Legendary Tool does). At the same time, Kuzutik does not break, it can work forever. There is a strange idea to introduce food for Kuzutiks as well (so that they get a boost to the extraction of resources), but while we are far from implementing this idea, there is no urgent need for it.

Question 38: Are you going to add any new, rarer resources to the game? To get them it was possible only for certain activities, and even then, not for every player.

A regular problem for any game is the need to find that very balance between simple (sometimes even banal) gameplay and complex mechanics. We do not rule out that some temporary items (like sharpening for weapons) will be added to the game, and such assets will be played during contests so that their effect extends only to the Event, and after that the item burned / disappeared from the game, or was transformed into something else. The idea is that for rare items, the player will only make a profit for a certain period of time, otherwise he will receive permanent benefits that other players will have a hard time getting around.

We would like to make temporary boosts appear in the game. Or, for example, the reward for the current Event is battle cards, which will give a big boost for the next Event, but after that they will burn out. You can add the ability to save such cards until they are used (that is, such cards will be somewhat “one-time”, for a couple of weeks). The same applies to weapons, essences, and in general to everything that fits well with the economy of the game.

Question 39: Do you plan to add something to the game that will allow you to enter it every day with interest? Say daily quests, story missions, training camp?

Training camp — yes, it will be added soon. There will be quests and story missions as well, and one of the things that we would like to introduce after the introduction of the already announced mechanics is battle passes and daily quests (for example, play 5 battles in a day / win PvP / upgrade at least one character to level 1, and so on). All this will lead to some earning points per day (and for such points it will be possible to open separate chests with rewards), as well as pumping in battle passes.

Question 40: Will there be artifacts in the game that give increased HP recovery during combat?

We are ready to consider the ideas of the players in this direction. From the ideas at this stage — we considered the introduction of the Potions profession into the game, which will allow you to temporarily endow cards with boosts. Exactly the same temporary boosts can be won in the contest, but they will definitely not be “infinite” — you won’t be able to get them and hope that your team is permanently strengthened.

Question 41: is it planned to introduce a global map for the interaction of all players with each other?

Yes, this will definitely appear after a while.

Question 42: Do you think Bears are not too weak compared to other combat cards?

We do not think that they are weak, because the top 1 plays on the Bears. However, as mentioned earlier, we will be rebalancing all combat cards.

Question 43: The House of Voivode brings passive income only if it has stood for a whole day (the reward comes the next day). What if I installed Home in the middle of the day?

The house breaks down to 1200 HP always at exactly 00:00 UTC of each new day (accordingly, at the same moment, the accrual of rewards for the past day begins). If you put the House in the middle of the day — there will be no income from it at all; the condition for obtaining passive income is that the House of the Voyevoda must stand for a whole day without a break. At the same time, please note that even if you install the House in the middle of the day, and it breaks down at 00:00 UTC, it should be fixed, otherwise you will still not receive passive income the next day. We recommend that you repair the house at the very end of the game day. Let’s imagine a situation: your House broke down in the morning, and you fixed it in the evening — in this case, the timer for the next day will be taken into account.

Question 44: you gave people Legendary resource mining tools, and put all players in a position in which only a select “caste” is able to comfortably level up and repair their Houses, while the rest are sorely lacking in resources. In addition to the fact that resources increase in price (and the owners of the Legendary tools are the only ones who earn from this), they also receive a huge boost of their combat cards from the House of Voivode, thereby taking even more rewards from the FUR pool.

As always — we are ready to consider the proposals of the players to solve such “injustice”. From our point of view, the solution is to make new tools (like weapons/armor) destructible forever, while eliminating the cost of equipping them. There will be no more repairs, which means that in the event of a breakdown, the Legendary tools obtained earlier gradually lose their superiority. And then it’s pure coincidence: if someone manages to make a Legendary tool for himself, temporarily he produces more than the rest, but then the tool breaks again and becomes forever useless (burns out). It is quite reasonable that in such a scenario, the cost of many actions in the game would be reduced (including repairing and raising the levels of the Voyevoda’s House).

As a result, such a move can also cause a lot of negativity on the part of the players — after all, “Why should I win the current Event if you simply took away and broke the award for the last competition (Legendary Instrument)? I invested my money and ended up with nothing.” While we have not come to a consensus about finding a balance in this situation; moreover, the option of constantly breaking weapons was discussed, but most of the players did not like it.

Suppose, if those tools that were received as a reward in one of the first Events do not break (which means they will still bring a lot of resources and give a good profit compared to other players), then they still need a certain balance, at which they will no longer look so unattainable. It is necessary to come to a situation in which this tool does not break at the same time, but at the same time does not create a distortion in the economy of the game. And gradually, the rewards for future Events will overlap the profits from existing tools, thus, after a while, new players will be able to catch up with the owners of the Legendary tools. In this case, the solution may be optimal for everyone: beginners are motivated to participate in future Events (because the prizes are something valuable that will be significant even after the Event), and for owners of already won Legendary tools, bonuses will not disappear so quickly. We understand that the distribution of Legendary axes and picks in the first Event was not entirely reasonable, but at that moment we were based on the cost of the teams of those players who took the top 1–3 places. Just handing out the Legendary Kuzutikov as promised — such a scenario would look rather weak, because the teams there were pumped for thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

If you have ideas right now for adjusting the numbers for the Legendary Instruments (which have already paid off a long time ago) — offer, according to tradition, we will consider and discuss each of them with you. There is no scenario in which Legendary items are taken and burned only from top players, and owners of rarities below are not affected. To be objective, in terms of loot, Legendary cards lost more than anyone else (10 times), and the situation is not greatly improved by the fact that only 1 item is needed to create a new Legendary tool (while for Epic 2, and for low rarities — and at all 3).

Regarding the fact that the top players have already accumulated enough resources and they don’t need any more — where do they get their reserves from if every second one claims that it was the top players who sold all their production, collapsing the rate (although we know for sure that this is not true)?

You can’t just take away tools and give nothing in return — otherwise, everything just looks like a robbery (which, in fact, it is). You may have noticed that after the update, it was the Legendary cards that lost the most in loot, and this seems fair to us. Nor should we think that we are ready to treat Legendary tools in the same way as we treat Unusual/Rare ones — we are well aware that serious calculations are needed for such cards.

No matter how much we reduce the cost of crafting / raising the level and repairing Houses right now, there is nowhere to go from the situation in which the owners of the Legendary tools have a lot of resources in stock. In the event of a decrease in prices for creating tools, a lot of extra axes and picks will appear on the market, which will also provoke large volumes of wood and iron mining. Or, we can reduce the frequency of tool breakage, but as for the Houses of Voivode, it is unlikely that the already published numbers will change unless absolutely necessary. We calculated the balance of the Houses, and now we are completely satisfied with it.

Question 45: Will the balance of weapons and armor be revised? Will there be an increase in their levels?

At this stage, the balance of weapons / armor in Pagan Gods will not change. Crafting new equipment will cost exactly what it cost before, as well as putting them on battle cards. At the same time, we do not rule out that in case of urgent need, this is possible.

You can ask any questions and chat with the participants and the team of the PaganGods game in the Telegram chat and Discord



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